Core configurations are:

T             Tropical Core (½” pitch high density core)

12S         ½” (12.7mm) Staggered core

16S         5/8” (16mm) Staggered core

INL         10.6mm Inline core

Cant       5/8” (16mm) Canted core

CAC        10.0mm Inline Charge Air Core

Tubular Cores

All Redback Radiator Tubular Cores are Australian made and feature a hemmed fin for additional facial strength. The cores have 13.5 x 2.5 butt welded tubes, with the exception of CAC which uses an 18.7 x 4.2butt welded tube for charge air cooling applications.

Copper Fin

Copper fin is used where maximum cooling efficiency is required in regular operating conditions, such as on highway trucks. Copper Fin is available in 12S, 16S and INL with a louvered or dimpled fin.


Brass Fin

Brass fin is used in more aggressive or corrosive environments where Copper would be less likely to hold up. Typical uses for Brass Fin Radiators are Tractors, Headers, Forklifts, Pumps, Chippers, etc.  Brass Fin is available in 12S, 16S,  and INL with a louvered or dimpled fin and also Cant & CAC with a dimple fin only.


Steel Fin

Steel fin is offered for heavy duty applications where strength is a key issue. Steel Fin Radiators are often oversized to compensate for the reduced thermal efficiency of the steel fin. Applications include Heavy mining loaders such as Hitachi.

Steel Fin is available in 16S, INL and Cant with a dimple fin only.


Additional Features

  • Additional Features available at Redback Radiators include:
  • Centre Mounting Bars for Caterpillar & Komatsu
  • 6mm Headerplates
  • Ribbed Headerplates
  • Cathedral Headerplates & shaped cores for Vintage applications
  • Dished bolt- on Headerplates
  • Dead or Live Crank holes
  • Solder Coating

Dead crankhole on shaped core

6mm header

Cathedral headerplates

Ribbed Bolt On Headerplates

CAC - Charge Air Cooler Core

Centre Mounting Bars for Caterpillar & Komatsu

Custom Header Plate

Honeycomb / Cellular Core Replacement