The next generation of welded tube to header joint technology for heavy duty copper/brass radiator core construction

Redback Radiators now manufacture what is the most significant development in welded header–joint technology in the past 20 years!

Advanced welded-joint design providing a break-through in increased field durability.

Less Stress=Longer life than other welded header joint methods.

Redback Radiators are a specialist manufacturer of heavy industrial copper brass heat exchangers. We are an Australian owned and operated company that conducts 100% of our manufacturing in Australia. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard using the finest materials available and are built “tuff” to withstand the most extreme operating conditions.

The innovative oval geometry of the Maxi-Fused joint ensures maximum strength and fatigue life is achieved without pre-stressing the tube by changing the shape to round.

Using the latest developments in bronze alloy header plate material, Maxi-Fused cores provide maximum protection against Stress -Corrosion cracking.

The change in tube shape of Maxi-Fused avoids the “necking” of tubes that occurs on round joints, thus eliminating the potential for debris traps.

Redback Radiators are excited to announce the launch of “Maxi-Fused” our new industrial radiator core. The cores feature welded tube to header jointing that is up to 25 times stronger than a conventional soldered joint. Having such a high strength makes the Maxi-Fused core suitable for applications where standard truck cores simply don’t last. These can include: Kenworth / Peterbilt / Mack / International / Western Star, etc

A close up of the Maxi-Fused tubes prior to the headerplate fitment; notice the slight change of tube shape.

Maxi-Fused features oval tubes fitting into an oval headerplate piercing rather than rounded tubes fitting into a round hole. This minimises the stress on the tube.

Prominent banks of louvers help execute the maximum cooling from the Maxi-Fused fins. Ideal for high horsepower engines in today’s machinery.