Welding / Folding / Special components

Waste bin - Townsville Airport

Waste Bin - GC Airport

Gold Coast Light Rail Project

Custom Dog Trailer

To compliment the principle business of radiator core manufacture we can offer the following services


We can design, develop and manufacture fabricated components in a wide variety of materials



Our CNC folders allow us to precision fold materials up to a thickness of 3mm.



Precision cutting of various materials up to 3mm mild steel



Our Amada CNCs have various capabilities and an extensive tool library to meet your requirements.



We are equipped with a robot welder for repetitive production runs and dedicated welding booth for small batch quantities and one off fabrications


Whether the supply of Components for the Gold Coast Light Rail project, Caravan Industry, or Custom Switchboards for the Mining Industry, our experience certainly extends beyond the manufacture of Radiator Tanks, Channels and fabricated cooling system components.