Redback Radiators carry a range of pressed brass tanks and also have the ability to fabricate brass tanks to your requirements.


Our range of truck tanks are manufactured in the USA and pressed from heavy brass sheet. When supplied with a Redback Radiator core, they can provide a heavy duty replacement for  the Aluminium and Plastic Tank Radiators on- highway truck assemblies that struggle to survive in Australia’s harsh conditions. Kits are supplied with all hose connections and fittings. Pictured on the left are one of our Ford Louisville tank kits. The tanks feature a neat aperture to accept the brass fittings providing a high strength joint once the outlets are assembled.



In addition to our pressed brass tanks, we are able to fabricate brass tanks to your requirements. This can be executed from a drawing or from the old tank sample. The photo on the left shows a typical Redback made tank kit, in this instance, supplied with a Redback Radiators radiator core to replace a failed plastic/ aluminium assembly.

We stock brass sheet in various thicknesses to accommodate anything from small tractor mowers to large Earthmoving or Mining equipment .

A problem with old radiators and their tanks is that with age the original brass tank often crack or just becomes too weak and flimsy to repair or re-use. The photo on the right shows a welded phosphor bronze tank made to replace the bottom tank of an 80 year old antique tractor radiator.

Another issue our customers encounter can be steel tanks rusted beyond repair. Often the gasket mating surface of a bolt on radiator tank or an outlet fitting can simply rust away. Redback Radiators are able to manufacture replacement tanks and components from either a sample or a drawing. The tank on the left is a replacement bolt-on Generator Set Radiator bottom tank we manufactured for a customer located in a remote area of Australia, when no-one else could help.