Redback Radiators commenced operations in April 2009 and is based in the industrial hub of Molendinar, QLD about 60kms from Brisbane CBD.

Initially starting with a staff of 3, Redback Radiators has grown to become one of Australia’s most renowned and respected manufacturers of high quality radiator cores.

It is a certainty that one of Redback Radiator’s greatest strengths are our staff, collaborating years of combined technical, manufacturing, engineering experience coupled with great customer service.

Directors Clive Benge & Mick Flynn both served engineering apprenticeships in the 1980s and have a sound knowledge of sheet metal, fabrication and production techniques working with a variety of metals and specializing in Copper & Brass. Leaving behind their initial employers, they both moved into the Automotive & Industrial Radiator Industry in the early 1990’s.


Clive continued along the path of production engineering, employed at K&J Radiator Industries for many years with responsibility for key implementations such as Australia’s first Industrial & Aftermarket aluminum brazing plant and lean manufacturing processes for copper brass radiator cores.

Working alongside Kees Weel was a great experience for Clive and he continued to fine tune his wealth of experience into improved radiator manufacture. More years of experience in the Radiator Industry, rising to Operations Management roles provided the ideal background for Clive to raise the curtain with Redback Radiators.


Mick’s career progressed into the Radiator Repair Service Industry and the knowledge accumulated over a number of years lead to a logical transition into Sales. The ensuing years saw Mick succeed in a number of Sales and Marketing, Product and Business Development roles and it would be fair to say Mick is a well respected bastion of knowledge within the Industrial Radiator Industry A founding member of Redback Radiators, Mick is the cornerstone of the Redback Radiators Sales team.

As Redback Radiators evolved, the staff requirement increased and skilled motivated employees all hold key positions within the Redback Radiators organization.

Redback Radiators has a strong customer focus, can do attitude, great quality and an exceptional level of service.